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What's Great About Staycations & Why You Should Go On One

Who doesn’t crave a holiday every now and then? It’s the worst when you’re stuck in office or on your morning commute, scrolling through Instagram and all you see are perfectly posed travel photos of your friends on holiday. How you wish you could just throw everything away and jet off on an airplane to somewhere far far away. Yet, the hassle of planning a holiday – booking of leave, travelling back and forth the airport, half the excitement fizzles away just thinking of everything you have to go through. But what if there was a way to go on vacation without leaving the country?

Here’s a lowdown of why staycations – and yes, they aren’t overrated – make for a great weekend getaway sans all the fuss. 

1. Staycations are easy


With staycations, you get to save the hassle that comes with the booking of air tickets, last-minute packing, currency exchange, the mad airport dash, planning of leave, complex itinerary planning and so on. And those pre-trip anxiety and post-holiday blues? Pretty much non-existent.

2. Staycations are affordable

Cost is, inevitably, one of the biggest banes of travelling overseas. Airplane tickets, accommodation, transportation, food & itinerary expenses easily add up to at least a S$500 holiday for two. Staycations however, starts from S$135, making them a great and cost-effective getaway!

Here are our top picks:

Village Hotel Changi – A staycation by the coast

For S$135++ only, you get to stay a hotel like Village Hotel Changi, a popular choice for staycationers looking for a weekend escape. Enjoy a respite far away from the city’s hustle and bustle as you plane-watch from the infinity pool, take an evening walk along Changi Coast or head over to Pulau Ubin for an afternoon of adventure. There’s just so much to do in and out of the hotel!

The Quincy Hotel – Ranked #6 on TripAdvisor

Fancy something a little more unconventional? For S$210++, enjoy a boutique experience like the one at The Quincy Hotel! Tucked in a quiet corner just off Orchard Road, this romantic hidden gem is but a stone’s throw away from a bevy of malls and restaurants. Step in and dive headfirst into a wonderland of quirky decor, obliging staff and an infinity pool looking over all of Orchard Road. Enjoy the hotel’s All-Day Light Refreshments and free-flow evening cocktails. On Saturdays, you can even catch a movie by the pool!

3. Staycations can be quite the experience

More than just a day spent in a hotel, staycations have the ability to alter moods, making you feel as if you’re at a different place and time! Take for example heritage boutique hotels like AMOY, a heritage site turned hotel. From opium bed frames to traditional porcelain basins, this hotel immerses guests in its rich history, providing an alternate stay experience.

AMOY | Heritage site turned hotel – Ranked #2 on TripAdvisor

Themed hotels are all the rage right now and it’s not hard to see why. From that of staying in a warehouse, museum or even a capsule, staycations provide you the opportunity to experience something different. Even if it’s just for a weekend, you get to feel as if you’re transported to an entirely different time and place.

Oasia Hotel Downtown | Overlooking Singapore’s cityscape

But hey, what’s a hotel stay without a great view to boot? Many staycation hotels boast amazing views! Sit back and get some well-deserved respite far from the hustle of the city. Feel on top of the world as you splash about in a sky-high infinity pool, or watch life unfold on the busy streets below while you stay enveloped in the hotel’s ambience of peace and serenity.

There are tons of staycation options other than the above three. Culture buffs or city dwellers, honeymooners or the group of girlfriends – there’s something for everyone!

4. Staycations make the perfect gifts

Pamper your loved ones with a romantic stay

Got that big special day coming up? Be it birthdays, anniversaries, or just a yearning to spend some quality time with your other half, a staycation always makes for a good gift! Take a mundane weekend and turn it into a memorable one! 

5. Staycations are a great excuse to do something out of the ordinary

"Busyness" has its grip on us on a day to day basis. Staycations have the ability to slow things down, giving you the luxury to explore parts of Singapore that you’ve previously never stepped foot in! Singapore may be small, but it’s filled with exciting things to do that we bet you never even knew existed. 

Check out some of these activities:

Now take that average weekend and turn it into something magical. Book a hassle-free, affordable reprieve and experience an unconventional staycation for yourself!

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A new respite in the city, Oasia Hotel Downtown is set against an urban cityscape, and set apart by its massive lush green façade.

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Situated near vibrant Little India and Orchard Road, Village Hotel Albert Court straddles the cultural and cosmopolitan with ease.

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Set in a collection of 170 year-old Chinese shophouses, The AMOY marries modern comforts to traditional settings.

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Being part of the popular Far East Plaza Shopping Centre, staying at Far East Plaza Residences provides a whole new experience of convenience for guests.

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Orchard Scotts Residences brings Singapore’s finest dining outlets, shopping malls and entertainment options right to your doorstep.

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