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Why book elsewhere when you can book direct and get 15% LOWER RATES than other websites?

9 Brands
51 Hotels
46 Serviced Residences


Far East Hospitality Holdings Pte Ltd (Far East Hospitality) is an international hospitality owner and operator with a diverse portfolio of 9 unique and complementary brands of hotels, serviced residences and apartment hotels, including Oasia, Quincy, Rendezvous, Village, Far East Collection, Adina Hotels, Vibe Hotels, Travelodge Hotels and TFE Hotels Collection.

Far East Hospitality owns more than 10 hospitality assets and operates a combined portfolio of more than 15,500 rooms under its management across over 95 hotels and serviced residences in seven countries – Australia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore, with more in its development pipeline.

Far East Hospitality is a 70-30 joint venture formed in 2013 between Far East Orchard Limited (a listed company under Far East Organization) and The Straits Trading Company Limited. In the same year, Far East Hospitality, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Far East Hospitality Investments (Australia) Pte Ltd, completed a 50-50 joint venture with Australia’s Toga Group to form Toga Far East Hotels (TFE Hotels).


Far East Hospitality understands that with the increasing sophistication of travellers, there has been a move away from the traditional tourist offerings for the mid-tier sector. This is where Far East Hospitality offers its distinctive approach to segmenting its hotel brands based on traveller profiles instead of focusing on demographics, countries of origins, or the traditional star-rating system.

This strong customer-focused approach is coined “Singapore-inspired” hospitality. It is carried out through four key attributes:

  • Providing guests with comfort without them having to pay for excess
  • Giving attention to our guests without any pretension
  • Focusing on the hotels' aesthetics without being ostentatious
  • Being relevant to our guests’ needs with a touch of elegance

    Backed by more than 50 years of real estate development and management expertise with a proven track record in hotel and serviced residence projects, the greatest value we bring as your operator is our ability to deliver end-to-end solutions at every stage.

    Arthur Kiong, CEO of Far East Hospitality


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    Our stable of unique and complementary brands present excellent opportunities for cross-selling initiatives, offering guests with a greater diversity of choices and locations.



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