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Plan a Staycation to Remember at Village Hotel Sentosa

A tropical-themed paradise for a fun-filled family escapade in Sentosa!

“Village Hotel Sentosa is a veritable children’s wonderland, with a plethora of activities to keep them entertained” - The TripZilla Team

Our Staycation Highlights: 
●  Specially designed kid-friendly amenities
Specially designed kid-friendly amenities
The hotel’s smart location at the heart of Sentosa

Step into a Tropical Paradise

The Hotel

Ever heard of a hotel that’s laden with fun-filled amenities to appease your children? It’s one thing to offer comfort and good service, but it’s another to feature child-friendly elements that make the hotel truly feel like home for both adults and kids. At Village Hotel Sentosa, the kids — or rather the Village Important Kids (VIK) — take centre stage. To give you a peek, they’re allowed to check-in for the family in the designated VIK counter, and the friendly staff will help them out. The counter even comes with a flight of stairs so that any kid will be able to accomplish the task!The hotel also features fun-sized bathroom amenities that little ones will surely appreciate. Village Hotel Sentosa is a veritable children’s wonderland, with a plethora of activities to keep them entertained — from scavenger hunts to sandcastle building. The hotel also enjoys close proximity to thrilling attractions such as Kidzania and Skyline Luge Sentosa.A special Village Passport is provided upon check-in that shows you the different things to do in Sentosa. Those looking for an awesome shopping experience can make use of the discounts that this feature offers. Aside from this, the passport contains useful tourist tips, such as a “Singlish” guide and lists of places to go for families, friends, and colleagues!

“An ideal family abode for your most memorable vacation yet!”

Your Room Choices

Deluxe Room

Perfect for those without kids, the Deluxe Room will suit the needs of solo travellers, couples, and business travellers alike. A generous view of the island from the sizable window swayed us into a tropical disposition. You can choose whether to have a view of the pool or sea, too! The room is decked with amenities that include a Hyflux water tap, Japanese TOTO washlet, work desk, 49-inch TV, and a lavish bathtub, making it the easiest thing for us to recharge and unwind in this tropical-themed room.

Sea View

The Family Room is definitely the highlight of Village Hotel Sentosa and we were fortunate to have spent our stay here. We were so excited to see its two connecting rooms, one of which was tailored especially for kids. Yes, even the kids get a hotel room all to themselves complete with a full set of fun-sized amenities upon request. From baby bathtubs, bassinets, children’s toiletries, and even kid-sized bathrobes personalised with their names — your kids will definitely feel pampered by the lavish service.


That said, parents can leave the connecting door open to keep a close eye on their kids, or keep the door closed if they want some privacy. And just so you know — the connecting door is soundproof — so if you have older kids who engage in pillow fights, it shouldn’t bother you.

Stuff to do in the Hotel

Get lost in Village Hotel Sentosa’s harmonious designs and enjoy plethora of activities offered for both kids and adults!

  • Take part in a family expedition

    Organised by Village Hotel Sentosa, the family scavenger hunt starts from 9am daily at the lobby. The hunt will take you across multiple places in Sentosa, including Imbiah Lookout and the Sentosa Nature Discovery trail. Don’t be late!

  • Make use of their 24-hour gym

    Whilst it is exciting to be on a relaxing getaway, we were worried that we might not be able to keep up with our fitness regime. But we didn’t have anything to worry about after all! Village Hotel Sentosa’s gym is open 24 hours so guests can head down any time for a round of workouts. It even has a stunning view of the island to boot. The gym is also equipped with top-of-the-line workout technology, refillable drinking water, and towels.

  • Go on a gastronomic adventure at the different food establishments

    During our stay, we treated ourselves to a filling meal at Native Kitchen. Here, the chefs whip up tropical delights with the freshest ingredients. As Village Hotel Sentosa’s resident restaurant, it’s no surprise that Native Kitchen offers all-day dining and a rich blend of cultures on their plates such as Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian, and even Hawaiian. They also serve hearty breakfasts and their dishes are perfect for sharing too!

  • Continuing our hunt for more interesting flavours, we proceeded to Royal Taj. This fancy eatery serves some scrumptious Indian food, and is found at the Mess Hall in the building opposite Native Kitchen!

  • On the other hand, guests who heading out can visit the Supply Depot, conveniently located at the lobby, for some quick snacks and drinks.


  • If you prefer lounging at the pool area, there’s also Happy Camper, a charming vintage Volkswagen food truck that serves tasty nibbles like hot dogs, tacos, and chicken wings.

  • Jump into four differently themed pools

    Instead of just one communal pool for its guests to use, Village Hotel Sentosa boasts a wide variety of pool facilities found in four themed pools — they call this the Pool Deck! These four pools — Pamukkale Pool, Children's Play Pool, Adventure Pool, and the Lazy River Pool — embody various marine and riverine habitats. For instance, the Lazy River was inspired by the Amazonian Rainforest. The river is covered by an abundant array of foliage, providing a calm and relaxing atmosphere.


    On the other hand, the Pamukkale Pool represents the cascading pools in Turkey. The influence of the snowy-white pools we often see on Instagram photos of Turkey was obvious from first glance! Just like its real-life counterpart, the hotel’s Pamukkale Pool provides the same eye-popping view.

  • Sign your kids up for interactive activities and take them to movie night

    We saw plenty of avenues in the hotel alone that can keep families entertained. There’s practically a lineup of enriching activities for kids such as Kiddie Pool Games, Sandcastle Building, and even Balloon Sculpting. We highly suggest that parents sign their kids up for all the fun. That way, you can also enjoy other activities like Aqua Zumba and badminton!

    The Aqua Zumba session is held every afternoon at the hotel pool, and kids of all ages and their parents are welcome to join. Fun water exercises keep your heart pumping without any of the fatigue — the best way to get your kids up and moving!

    On the weekends, the hotel also features movie nights with complimentary popcorn by the pool. So grab a popcorn, sit back, and enjoy a carefully curated rotation of family-friendly movies against a backdrop of colourful pool lights!

Other Great Things in the Area


  • Attraction Catch the laser lights, waterworks and pyrotechnics at the Wings of Time Show!

    No stay at Sentosa is complete without catching the night show at Wings of Time. The 30 minute long show is held each night at an open waterfront near Beach Station. While there are standard seats available, we bought the premium seats so that we were guaranteed a seat with the best view of the show.


    Wings of Time was definitely worth watching; our whole family was on the edge of our seats throughout the entire show. The show was a spectacle of lights, sounds and water effects, as everything complemented the intriguing storyline. At the end, there was an explosive fireworks display that got everybody standing up — even us!

  • Activities Let your kids take charge at Kidzania

    Kidzania is a sprawling kid-sized city where your children can explore and take on different “jobs”. They’ll get the chance to play the role of a pilot, detective, or surgeon, among other professions. Here, they’ll get to carry out tasks in exchange for well-earned money, which they’ll also be taught how to spend prudently. Conveniently linked to Village Hotel Sentosa via a drawbridge, Kidzania even provides discounts for hotel guests!

  • Activities Race down the slopes at Skyline Luge Sentosa

    We all know that kids need a bit of thrill and excitement in their lives, so why not take them for a ride in a luge? Skyline Luge Sentosa offers all that and more as you speed down one of the four winding tracks available. Each track offers a different experience, so it’s definitely going to be an adrenaline-filled time!


    We highly recommend visiting Skyline Luge Sentosa at night, as vibrant coloured lights illuminate the tracks at the world’s first night luge. Once you reach the bottom of the course, it’s time to head back up via the four-seater chairlift. Enjoy the illuminated island from above, a unique scene that certainly etched itself into our minds!

What People Are Saying

  • “Finally! Sentosa has a family-friendly full-service hotel to call its own. From our travels and experiences, what sets a family-friendly hotel apart is not so much the facilities and the furniture but more importantly, the staff. Here, right from the time we checked-in, it has been smiles, service and more smiles.”


    - Life's Tiny Miracles

  • “From design, ambience to the choice of furnishings, it offers a variety of brand new amenities and activities for everyone who stays or not. Their entire concept of a family-friendly hotel is built with kids in mind and everything to make sure the little guests are as comfortable as the adults.”

    - FamilyStaycationSG

  • “Village Hotel at Sentosa will be your best bet for an outrageously fun staycation and the kid-friendly bit begins the moment you step into the spacious lobby for your check-in.”

    - CheekieMonkies


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