The Quincy Hotel


  • One-way Limousine Transfer

    Arrive or leave in style in either a rugged yet refined Audi Q7*, or a luxurious Audi A6*. Transfers come equipped with on-board WiFi, so you can surf during your transit

    *Subject to availability.

  • Gym

    Our fitness center comes decked with the latest fitness equipment, a wide range of free weights and even multimedia stations.

  • Sauna and steam rooms

    For guests looking to indulge, our sauna and steam rooms are located in the male and female toilets on the 12th floor, and come complete with showering facilities.

  • iMac stations

    Guests requiring a computer terminal or Internet access have to look no further than our lobby, which comes complete with iMac stations.

  • Infinity Pool

    Located on the 12th floor with spectacular views of the city, our glass-enclosed infinity pool provides a memorable experience to guests especially in the evenings with its pool deck illuminated with colour-changing LED lights.