The Elizabeth Hotel


  • Modesto's

    Located at lobby level, Modesto’s opening hours are from 6.45am to 11pm daily.

    Enjoy Modesto’s popular signature wood-fired pizzas or other authentic Italian cuisine in a quaint setting, which overlooks a beautifully landscaped waterfall garden. The restaurant is also the hotel’s breakfast venue.

    For reservations, please contact the restaurant at tel: (65) 6736 2808 or via email:

  • Saigon Bistro

    Located at lobby level, Saigon Bistro's opening hours are from 12.00pm - 3.00pm and 6.00pm to 11.00pm daily.

    Savour titillating cuisine that is truly Vietnamese at Saigon Bistro. Be enchanted while you whet your appetite with delicate traditional Vietnamese rice paper spring rolls, fresh and fragrant green papaya salad, velvety smooth glass noodles to juicy grilled pork ribs marinated with fish sauce. Every dish is infused with the authentic flavours of Saigon. Relish your palate for a truly satisfying Vietnamese fare.

    Saigon Bistro, located at The Elizabeth Hotel, provides the perfect cozy setting, ideal for a quiet dinner or for social gatherings with family and friends. The restaurant also caters to corporate events and special occasions.

    For reservations, please contact the restaurant at tel: (65) 6884 6808 or via email: